Logo Multiverse Designer Multiverse Designer is a 3D Virtual Tabletop powered by Unreal Engine. It is a tool to play pen and paper RPG online, provide 3D visual immersion and help GMs to quickly manage players’ turns, character sheets, spells, items, system rules, numbers and dice. The Map Creator allows for intuitive dungeon designs and a good degree of customization mixing textures/patterns. Multiverse Designer also supplies an easy-to-use system builder that allows you to create and edit rules, making it possible to simulate any tabletop role-playing game available or even creating your own system. We are currently working towards releasing the Alpha version in order to gather community feedback and shape our roadmap goals. Subscribe to our newsletter and be a part of our community! Subscribe FAQ
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Map Creation

Create your own maps with several styles. The possibilities are infinite: dungeons, rooms, taverns, towers, labs, houses, forests (and much more to come within the updates). Drag blocks to create your own worlds. character sheet picture

Sheets and rules automation

Create your character sheets within the game. You can use a standard sheet or create your own to share with your friends. The rules are also completely customizable, so it can be used to support all types of RPG.

Dice rolling and real time playing

Quick and easy dice rolling with realistic physics effects. Subscribe FAQ