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If you play tabletop role-playing games and you feel that there are currently no tools available to satisfy all your creative needs as a game master and player, you have come to the right place.

Multiverse Designer is a 3D Virtual Tabletop powered by Unreal Engine.

It is a tool to play pen and paper RPG online, provide 3D visual immersion and help GMs to quickly manage players’ turns, character sheets, spells, items, system rules, numbers and dice.

There is a Map Creator that allows for intuitive dungeon designs and a good degree of customization, mixing environments, textures and patterns.

Multiverse Designer also offers players an easy-to-use system builder called CRITERIA.

It enables anyone to quickly create and edit rules through tables and script language, making it possible to emulate any RPG system available or even creating your own set of rules.

We are currently working towards releasing the Alpha version in order to gather community feedback and shape our roadmap goals.


As players and Game Masters ourselves, we care for storytelling and immersive experiences in our role-playing games without having to worry about technical stuff.

We aim to achieve this by creating a simple, yet powerful 3D tool for system rules automation that also allows you to dive deeper in creation and customization. Sharing maps is really easy and we’re working to create a platform that offers great potential for modding.

Community will play an important role in our roadmap as we decide features and mechanics to include in later development stages. Our plan is to combine interesting features for the creative minds but also offer pragmatic tools to easily manage an RPG adventure.

Our dev started working on Multiverse Design back in March 2020 as a hobby. The pandemic affected most of us who used to get together with friends to play tabletop role-playing games.

That’s when he felt the need for a good tool to play online with his friends and even enhance the whole experience through immersion and system automation.

This is a project coming to life from the heart of a passionate GM, now a veteran with 30+ years of experience who decided to pair his professional software development skills with his love for RPGs.


As I write this, Toopan Games is currently a hardworking trinity!

After months of solo work on Multiverse Designer as a part time hobby, Paulo (our grumpy dev) recently decided it was time to bring in some allies to help with the heavy lifting.

The first in was André, our Project Manager, he’s this super chill guy solving all kinds of problems and literally guiding our steps in this journey through all the project stages.

And as you probably guessed, I’ll take the role of Community Support and PR, so you can think of me as the friendly wizard apprentice who will always keep you updated about Multiverse Designer. (oh, my name is Eduardo, by the way, nice to meet you!)


We’re working hard to release the first playable version soon, so it’s important to remember that this is a project created with 100% free resources.

All assets used in Multiverse Designer are under free commercial licenses or public domain, which means that everything created was available from community resources for free.

As much as this is an awesome achievement, we’re well aware it’s not ideal.

One of our current objectives is to study and decide on crowdfunding alternatives. Having the resources would allow us to take our project to the next level and greatly increase capacity for new features and assets.

Character creation, procedural generation, multi level building, module support, tutorials, customized assets and a lot more was already requested by VTT community.

Having resources to invest in the project would allow us to create your dream Virtual Tabletop with all the features you want!


Most features are already in the game with good usability and Paulo is working hard to polish things like spells, character actions and assets before we release the Alpha.

As you know, our team was put together last month, so most of our meetings are about roadmap decisions, development priorities, community feedback, marketing strategies and creative decisions.

Meanwhile, your support plays a big role in our current work because it shapes our goals and priorities. Every little help goes a long way, even if it’s something as simple as liking our stuff on social media and following us.

Now that I am a part of the team, I’ll try to stay as close to our community as possible in order to be your voice inside the project and create a tool that was actually designed for you.

Thank you for reading our first monthly report ever, we will be in touch as we progress through development stages.

If you want to help us and be part of a community with an epic purpose ahead, join us on social media, send us some suggestions and ideas through direct messages, we want you to speak up!

Godspeed, Adventurer!

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