Multiverse designer is a Virtual Table Top software, created in order to allow the RPG Master to focus on his story and his characters. From the beginning, we opted for a solution of excellence. We wanted not only to be able to make maps; we wanted to be able to change colors, textures, lights, in short, to be able to let the GM and his players have the best possible experience in terms of the environment.

Multiverse designer was created using Unreal – an award winning game engine that is responsible, among other examples for the game FORTNITE and the special effects of the series “The Mandalorian”. Unreal was chosen for its robustness and speed – mainly in multiplayer environments – reasons clearly necessary for software that is predisposed to show the same scene with milliseconds difference to players who may well be in different parts of the planet.

Multiverse Designer was built by a gigantic team of 2 people (in fact we are now in three, a 50% increase!) And is proof that a game can be built using 100% free assets. Thanks to the excellent materials of the Quixel company, we have achieved a viewing quality that is very close to reality.

Our software was born during the covid-19 pandemic. It grew unpretentiously, first as a data scrolling tool, and then as a map maker. Gradually objects and more objects were added, and we realized that a reformulation of concepts would be necessary.

We were creating two tools that allowed us to make maps more quickly and with more diversity. The first was Environment, which allows you to mix different textures, colors and sizes to create infinite types of architecture, and the second was Lights, which allows you to create lighting sets that can simulate indoor and outdoor environments. Finally, using HDRI technology, we add indirect lights to the scenarios.

It was at this point that we realized that no matter how many examples we made using our own tools, this number would be insignificant close to what could be created by our own Masters and Players. It was there that we decided – with a great deal of development time – to include these tools within the software itself. Today anyone using Multiverse Designer has access to these two tools, they are now an integral part of the software.

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