What is Toopan Games?

what is toopan games - playable level tiles

Who we are


We’re a brazilian company formed in 2018. Our greatest passion are tabletop games and video games! We’re a small group of people who already worked together and wanted to change our lifes, and more even our geek team wants to recreate the way tabletop games are played! So we created Playable Level Tiles!

We have different talents in our company, from IT experts to economists and graphic designers! That’s all we need to help our founder, Paulo Egídio build his tabletop magnet masterpiece.

Toopan Games created the most innovative way of playing tabletop games in a terrain with your friends: Levels.


What is Playable Level Tiles?


Levels: Go up and down as you want. Easy and fast. Beautiful and realistic. Here you can see how we do it!



Our goal is to give freedom for our players to create any scenario they imagine without spendind lots of money.

Bigger tiles, although compatible with everything. Beautiful pieces, yet very resistent.

And most noteworthy our magnets. All of our tiles come with magnets in it. That’s because all of our structure is made of plastic, MDF wood and metal. It’s very firm and resistent so you can build as many levels you want.



As you can see, the quality of our tiles is just great. They’re made one by one, with the care and love of anyone who really plays and knows what another player needs!

Soon we’re going to be launching a crowdfunding project so we can afford to produce Playable Level Tiles in large scale and we’ll be selling it all over the world.

So, stay tuned in our social media for more content! Soon we’ll have videos on our YouTube Channel and even more articles here!

We hope everyone enjoy building castles and dungeons with us!


Let the adventure begin!


Toopan Games Team