Wilderness Terrain

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An amazing collection as you never seen before! Wilderness Terrain is Eco-Friendly, made with Real Grass, and Woods, so you can create the most Fascinating Scenarios

Wilderness Terrain Special Grid

We developed an invisible grid, so it doesn’t interfere on Wilderness Terrain design.

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Where’s our grid?

As you can see, we created a central dot that works as a guide to every game square inside the tile.

Check out how it works!

Wilderness Terrain specifications

Our tiles are 4 inches large, that means they’re four times bigger than what is sold in the market today. We did this to facilitate the life of DMs everywhere! We know how much time it takes to build dungeons using small tiles.

Inside every Wilderness Terrain tile there are 16 game squares, of 1 inch each. That means, our tiles are compatible with everything you already have, miniatures and gaming terrain from other manufacturers.

We took great care thinking about scales, that’s why even our trees are made with precise mesures to make sure everything will look very real and beautiful on your game table!

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Wilderness Terrain FAQ

Here you can learn a little more about our Gaming Terrain!

  • It’s a modular gaming terrain created by Toopan Games for tabletop games like RPGs and War Games!

  • We created Wilderness Terrain to have padronized sizes. Every tile is 4×4 inches large and has 16 game squares inside it! This means our gaming terrain is compatible with other manufacturers tiles and also with your 28mm miniatures.

  • We are long date players and dungeon masters. We know the struggles of creating big scenarios with no time to do so! That’s why Toopan Games Team created tiles that are 4x bigger than what’s available in the market today.

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*Miniatures from other manufacturers were used only to show compatibility and are not responsibility of Toopan Games.

**Miniatures from other manufacturers are not sold by Toopan Games.